ZMI Announces a Very Exciting Change for 2021

For so many of us, 2020 has been a barrage of unexpected changes, a test of will that has

prompted examination of our health, our accomplishments, our happiness and our communities.

How we’ve responded to these changes has helped to define who we are, and that’s certainly been the case for me and the Z-Metrix Imagineering Team.

As someone who has spent a lifetime in sales and who loves the inter-personal nature of that work, I am blessed to serve as an agent of change. I consider myself a proponent of new perspectives, ideas and concepts, and leap at the opportunity to introduce them to colleagues and clients alike. It’s my main objective to convince people to consider a new way of looking at their process, even as I’ve continued to re-examine my own.

This year, with so many unexpected changes happening all around each of us, I’ve been asking myself the big questions - What is the future of our industry? What’s the next big step? How can I best challenge myself and my employees while harnessing the knowledge and important relationships that have allowed us to come this far?

As my skills have strengthened over the years, so have my passions for innovation and collaboration. Just as important, I’ve realized how much time, effort and care are required not only to build lasting business relationships but also how to nurture and maintain them.

In my forty years as a sales professional, I’ve learned that trust, transparency and respect are the hallmarks of any healthy business relationship. In fact, those pillars are the foundation of all the work we do at Z-Metrix Imagineering.

This year, change not only seemed inevitable but timely. And exciting.

After nearly four decades as representatives of Sterling Electric, I am thrilled to announce that Z-Metrix Imagineering has entered into a new partnership with Keltech LTD; a dynamic North American based manufacturer of stainless steel motors and gearboxes. We look forward to promoting their outstanding products and services to our customers in Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.

Though our work together is just beginning, the collaboration between Keltech LTD and Z- Metrix Imagineering is already in full swing and we couldn’t be more excited.

May 2021 bring each of you the excitement of new beginnings and an eagerness to approach our industry and its challenges with fresh eyes and full hearts.

~John Zimmermann