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Z-Metrix Imagineering Specializes in Power Transmission, Material Handling, Motion Control, Robotics and Automation.

Our experienced, friendly and knowledgeable sales team represent the industries top manufacturers. We are proud of our over 40 year track record of successfully working in partnership with our customers as well as our vendor lines, building trust and lasting relationships that grow businesses.


Our mission is to facilitate the flow of information, products and services that help our customers run their operation more cost effectively and efficiently. We are constantly searching for new ways to support our customers and strive to keep ahead of the challenges we all face in today’s global business environment. 

Our Product Lines



High-Performance Roller Chain, Conveyor chain, Agricultural, Auto/Motorcycle, Leaf/Hoist, Escalator and Bulk Material Handling Chains, Environment Resistant Chain, Sealed Wear Resistant Chain, Robust Heavy-Duty Chain, O-Ring Chain, Plated Chains, Stainless Steel Chain, Chain Attachments and Application Specific/Specialty Chain, Engineered Class Chain, Sprockets, Plate Wheels, Bucket Elevator Chain, Specialized Chain, Drive Shaft Assemblies

Established in 1991, Donghua Chain has over 3,600 employees to include 400+ engineers and specialists. Also part of Donghua is EK Chain and KÖBO Chain. Donghua offers world-wide support through its vast network; Donghua Chain has a reputation as a value leader and a primary source for quality, quick delivery and an extensive inventory. 

Donghua provides a wide variety of chain for these industries and applications: mining, oil & gas, material handling, hoist/lift, auto/motorcycle, cement, mining, energy, paper, chemical, automotive, metals, plastics, material handling, water treatment, biomass and waste industries, food processing, bottling, packaging, conveyors, material handling hoist and lift, agriculture and many more. 

EK Chain was established in 1941. EK Chain is well-known around the world for their high quality and engineering services. Pioneers of O-Ring Chain and other important industry innovations, EK Chain can provide chain suitable for any environment. 

KÖBO Chain has been making chain for over 120 years and is well-known for superior quality and precise engineering. The requirements of the bulk material handling industry are very particular. KÖBO has worked with international OEMs to develop special solutions for various applications.

All chains meet or exceed DIN and ANSI standards.



Offering Complete Turnkey Solutions and Services for Material Handling Systems

A master Hytrol sales and service center; Century Conveyor offers engineering and design, integration, project management and installation, and maintenance services for a wide range of industrial applications. Some of those industries are automotive, baking, beverage, food production, processing and packaging; paper, pharmaceutical textile, rubber and plastics. 



​​​​KML is a premium quality manufacturer of bearings, offering tier one features and benefits at competitive prices.  They are known for their Platinum Series corrosion-resistant products, but also provide, cast iron and thermoplastic housed units, as well as radial ball bearings, spherical plain bearings, agricultural bearings, and some popular tapered roller bearings in cup and cone sets. KML also offers K-Poly Solid Lube in many of its bearings to tackle your most extreme conditions. KML Bearing USA is located in Pottstown, PA, just outside of Philadelphia. KML Bearing USA’s customers can count on premium quality and competitive pricing coupled with efficient and prompt customer service.



Large Single Phase Electric Motors, 15 HP through 100 HP

The world's only large horsepower single-phase motor. The BELLE Motor™ manufactured by Single Phase Power Solutions is the only motor in the world capable of delivering large horsepower output to a variety of applications from a single-phase power source. Single Phase Power Solutions offers a complete line of these ruggedly built severe duty motors capable of performing even under the harshest and most demanding conditions.The BELLE Motor™ system comes complete with our proprietary control panel that ensures maximum efficiency and reliability.


AC Motors (Cast Iron, Rolled Steel, Stainless Steel), Right Angle Gearing (Cast Iron, Stainless Steel), In-Line Helical Gearing (Cast Iron, Stainless Steel), Right Angle Helical/Bevel Gearing (Cast Iron, Stainless Steel), Gearmotors, Brakemotors

Since 1927, Sterling Electric, Inc. has devoted itself to the implementation, design and manufacture of motorized drives to more effectively power the equipment of America industry. Pioneers in the development and introduction of stainless steel motors and enclosed gearing to the world, Sterling Electric is focused on providing innovation in high efficiency motorized drives to meet the demanding requirements of today’s customers around the globe.


Open/Enclosed Gearing and Precision Machined Components

Ondrives offers a huge selection of all types of gearboxes manufactured in Freeport, NY. These include worm & wheel, cross axis helical, right angle bevel or miter, rack & pinion, offset parallel spur and in-line speed reducers and speed increasers. Ondrives is especially capable of manufacturing unique gearboxes to fit your exact need. Along with gearboxes; Ondrives produces a vast array of gears, timing pulleys and belts, ground shafts, shaft couplings, fasteners and many other precision mechanical parts.


Rolling Motion Traction Drive w/ 2:1 to 5:1 Ratios

Made in the USA, Rolling Motion Industries’ Traction Drive is like no other power transmission device on the market. A single ratio drive with a built-in overrunning clutch to protect components from back-driving, the RMI Traction Drive is the most efficient method of transferring power. By utilizing rolling motion, the gearless RMI Traction Drive transfers power with minimal loss and maximum efficiency, posting ratings in the high 90’s. No wasted power, excessive heat or noise while providing significant energy savings. RMI Traction Drive is suitable for bi-directional uses. Applications include medical equipment, motorized vehicles, motion control, HVAC/Pump and energy generation. ATEX explosion-proof certification pending.



IEC/Metric Power Transmission Equipment, AC & DC Motors, Inline & Right Angle Gearing, Couplings & Motor Controls

SITI offers a complete line of IEC/Metric power transmission equipment including electric motors, gearboxes, gearmotors, frequency drives, speed variators and flexible couplings. SITI Power Transmission products are interchangeable with any major European manufacturers. SITI Power Transmission is based in Montevegilo, Italy. Celebrating their 50th year in business, they recently opened US operations in Littleton, MA.


X Class Brakes, Posidyne Clutches & Clutch Brakes, Posistop Oil Shear Brakes, MagnaShear Electric Release Brakes, Positorque Brakes, Two Speed Drives, Electronic Position Controls, Posidrive Servo Drives, E-Stop Brakes, Automotive Products

Force Control Industries, Inc. is a worldwide leader in the manufacturer of oil shear clutch and brake systems for industrial applications. They are dedicated to producing products designed to reduce overall production cost by providing high quality, well designed products manufactured to exacting standards and furnished in a timely manner with excellent customer support.


Fluid Couplings, Variable Fill & Drain Couplings, Hydraulic Actuated Dry Clutches, RBD Couplings, Var-Spe

Transfluid Industrial Transmissions offers a range of products that are used on industrial equipment driven by internal combustion engines and electric motors. Improves performance and protects both driving and driven machines. No load starts, smooth and gradual acceleration, no transmission wear, frequent stop and start capability, multi-motor load balancing and shear pin jam protection. Applications include conveyors, crushers, grinders, chippers, shredders, blowers, mixers, centrifuges and fans.



Full-Service, All-In-One Repair/Rebuild Facility, Chrome Plating Services, Gear Cutting and Grinding

Hard Chrome Solutions has over 60 years experience of providing repair solutions for a wide range of industries. Their 160,000 sq/ft facility in Bridgewater, NJ can handle just about anything; emergencies included. Offering 24/7 around the clock service, Hard Chrome Solutions employs two work shifts including holidays and weekends, nationwide pick-up and delivery, commissioning and a 36 month warranty. Extruders, gearboxes, centrifuges, compressors, blow molding equipment, pumps, mixers, rolls, shafts, turbines, are just some of their specialties. Hard Chrome Solutions also provides machining services, OD/ID grinding, drilling, boring, honing, continuous welding and chrome plating services. Brands serviced include Flender, Falk, Philadelphia, Hartig, Thyssen, Hansen, Egan, Fessler, Horsburgh & Scott and a host of other major manufacturers.


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