How ZMI is Battling Steel Shortages and Filling Back Orders, Today!

Blog 3-23

Those who have collaborated with us know the team at Z-Metrix Imagineering thrives in moments of change and innovation — and the past year offered us no shortage of opportunities to affirm that reputation.

Now, to position our work for a post-pandemic world, we’ve further strengthened our core roster of principals, each ready to solve a wide array of industry challenges.

Across the country, and in nearly every sector, supply chain shortages have put tremendous strain on businesses. This stress is most apparent in the world of raw materials, which has recently been subject not only to scarcity but also to rapid and frequent price increases.

As you read this, steel prices are rising with no end in sight. Nickel, stainless steel, plate-fabricated steel, and even cast iron supplies offer evidence of an industry under duress.

Rotating industrial equipment supplies will surely reflect the impact of these forces, as well, challenging consumers with a two-pronged threat of rising prices and supply shortages. The food industry, and its ability to maintain production under increased demand while experiencing these supply chain stressors, will surely carry global implications, as well.

On every one of these pressing issues, Z-Metrix Imagineering is poised to help. Our team fully recognizes the urgency of this moment. In fact, we anticipated it.

In early fall, we began to join forces with manufacturers and suppliers who predicted and intercepted these concerning trends. That’s why, today, we know they’ll have ample available inventory to fulfill your specific requirements.


Because in an era of so much unpredictability, consistency is king. That means your motor, gearbox, bearing, accessory, or other critical component will always be at hand — keeping your process in forward motion and your business in the black.

Keltech LTD offers a full line of sanitary drive components — in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Motors, gearboxes, brakes and accessories, available in aluminum, and stainless steel which carries the highest level of ingress protection available: IP69K.

Keltech LTD equipment reaches a high standard its competition can’t match. The result leaves users with no need to encapsulate the windings to protect from the ingress of water or high-temperature chlorinated solution. In fact, the Keltech LTD design stops fluid from even entering the motor altogether, thanks to:

  • Welded, round conduit box that features a threaded cover and O-Rings to integrate the seal
  • Stainless steel cable gland, allowing for use of the existing power supply connection
  • Stainless steel slinger that keeps liquids from the motor shaft
  • Internal O-Rings on each drive end to maintain the integrity in the seals 
  • Stainless steel fan that can weather the rigors of high-pressure washdown practices without breaking

Learn more about Keltech LTD here:

Z-Metrix Imagineering can also help provide solutions in your sanitary processes, with KML Bearing USA.

Specializing in premium-quality stainless steel products, KML offers a wide range of standard types: single- and double-row ball bearings, cast-iron and pressed steel-mounted bearings, as well as stainless steel and thermoplastic corrosion-resistant bearings.

Thanks to their recently replenished inventory, KML Bearing USA can now ship any stocked item by 3:00 PM on the date ordered from the KML warehouse, just outside of Philadelphia, PA.

Learn more about KML Bearing USA here:

SITI Power Transmission USA carries a full line of IEC/metric drive components, in aluminum construction, that drop-in or replace those of any European manufacturer. With motors, gearboxes, and accessories warehoused stateside in Littleton, MA, SITI can ship any stocked item within 24 hours of an order receipt. That means no monetary conversions, overseas shipping, or waiting for weeks.


We also offer TECO/Westinghouse electric motors and controls. TECO products range from fractional to 100,000 HP and come in a wide variety of construction materials and configurations. Thanks to stocking service centers strategically placed around the United States, we can help fill your immediate requirements with ease.

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