Sterling Electric IP69K Solutions

Do you have critical motor and gearbox applications which must withstand daily high-pressure washdown with harsh disinfecting chemicals? If you are in the food and beverage industry, you probably do.

A conveyor drive will not last long if it is not properly protected from daily abuse. Z-Metrix Imagineering can help you meet those challenges with Sterling Electric Steri-Seal IP69K ingress protection rated motors and gearboxes. These rugged components are designed to take this type of beating and keep your plant up and running, saving you dollars every day. From double sealed input and output shafts on gearboxes to encapsulated corded motors, the latest improvements make the components nearly maintenance free.


Selection of the properly rated IP motor and gearbox is critical to extending the life

expectancy of your equipment. But what does it all mean? The first digit in the IP rating represents the protection against solid objects based on diameter of particles or type of dust. The second digit represents protection against liquid objects, based on angle of spray, velocity or pressure and length of time subjected to spray. IP (Ingress Protection) ratings are designated based on very specific testing methods and provide you with the ability to select the proper level of protection to meet your application needs. 

The IP69K rating is for applications where high pressure and high temperature washdown is used to sanitize equipment. The 6 designates no ingress of dust permitted, the 9 designates protection from close range, powerful, high temperature water jets. While products rated IP69K cost more money on the front end, they pay tremendous dividends in the form of cost savings on the back end. Cost savings are often a key determining factor in the specification and selection of washdown motors and gearboxes. Downtime avoidance offers huge cost savings, when you consider the revenue lost when equipment is down for repair.

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