End of Planting Season Specials on Agricultural Chains

We are at the end of planting season and now it is time to consider stocking up on agricultural chains. Check out these amazing deals.

EK Chains (Sealed chains)

FOB Glendale Heights, IL

EK40-X          $11.63/ft   

EK50-X          $12.02/ft                     

EK60-X          $17.87/ft

EK80-X          $30.56/ft

  1. The feature of the Sealed chains. Please use our catalog page 6

  2. 10ft box only in stock

  3. Other sizes are available.

DH Chains

"Let It Rain"

Dacromet Finish Roller Chains

Perfect For Wet Corrosive Conditions

Stock By Donghua USA.

Available in 10' Box & Reels.

Special Price

Sizes Available

FOB Glendale Heights,IL

35DR    $0.90/ft

40DR    $1.25/ft

41DR    $1.25/ft

50DR    $1.90/ft

60DR    $2.53/ft

80DR    $4.17/ft

100DR  $6.20/ft