ZMI Corporation has Rebranded: Introducing Z-Metrix Imagineering

John and the ZMI crew would like to announce some exciting news.

We're rebranding and are now Z-Metrix Imagineering LLC, or ZMI LLC. A more detailed blog post regarding changes to our organization, website and email addresses will follow next week.

ZMI LLC has added a new associate; Larry Engle, or the Conveyor Doctor as he's known in the business. Larry brings along his vast knowledge of the heavy equipment, material handling and mining industries to our growing organization. We're grateful to have him on the team.

And finally; ZMI LLC added RAE DC, a division of WEG/Bluffton to our roster of premier power transmission/material handling products. You can visit their website here:

RAE offers high quality domestically manufactured fractional horsepower, permanent magnet, DC brush type motors, parallel shaft and right angle gearmotors, wound field motors, and DC motor drives. Typical offerings are in the 1/70 to 1/3 horsepower range, with input voltages from 12 volts to 180 volts DC for permanent magnet product, and 12 volts to 230 volts DC/AC for wound field product. Motor speeds are available up to 5000 RPM, with torques available up to 165 inch ounces. Gearmotor speeds are available up to 1000 RPM, with torques up to 300 inch pounds.

RAE offers a broad range of design configurations in fractional horsepower PMDC brush type motors, gearmotors, wound field motors and controls. You may choose a design from the many series listed on our website, or request modifications so that the product meets your unique specifications. RAE offers durable construction, precision components and a range of performance levels.

Products ranging from 1/70 to 1/3 HP w/ input voltages of 12 to 180 VDC, right angle and parallel shaft gearmotors, DC Motors, SCR and PWM controls, applications assistance, fast prototype turnaround, and manufacturing, UL and CSA certification, 24, 48, 72V DC batter-operated brush and brushless motor controllers, 120V PWM and SCR DC motor controllers, elevator door controllers, hoist motor, brake and generator field controllers, SCR single and three phase power controllers, custom OEM DC motor controller, A. Fischer phase drives.

We thank you for your continued support of ZMI and look forward to better serving our treasured customers.

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