The Sterli-Seal Sanitary Worm Gear Reducer

Have a tough washdown duty gearbox application? Flat surfaces and exposed hardware giving you trouble?

Sterling Electric has the answer; the Sterli-Seal Sanitary Worm Gear Reducer.

IP69K rating, all rounded surfaces to prevent liquids pooling, no exposed hardware for materials to accumulate, no exposed threads.

The real bonus; it's priced less than the standard stainless steel worm gearbox! Save money and run your process more cleanly. That's a win-win for everyone.


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Sterling Electric is doing its best to mitigate any potential damage for our customers and to keep the additional costs to a minimum.

The motors subject to the tariff are from 25 HP and up. Sterling Electric will use the tariff as a percentage of the net sales price as opposed to a flat 25% across the board increase, offering a significantly lower price than some other suppliers. Items in stock as of 7/6/18 are not subject to the tariff. The tariff will be shown as a separate line item effective 8/1/18.

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