HOT Summer Prices on Some Cool Steel Pintle Chain

Donghua Steel Pintle Chains are designed for dependability and quality. Steel Pintle Chains are well suited for a wide range of applications; salt, sand, spreaders, bunk feeders, car washes, hay handling equipment, forage boxes and other similar conveying systems.

Donghua Steel Pintle Chains feature all heat treated parts with quad staked pins. The open barrel construction minimizes pin surface contact with the barrel, eliminating freezing due to corrosion. It also eliminates material build up in the root of the sprocket. This feature assures smoother operation, uniform link wear, greater resistance to fatigue, resulting in longer service life.

Sizes available from stock are: 662, 667H, 667X, 667K, 667XH, 88K, 88C (88XH). These are stocked in 10' matched pairs and 450' matched reels in Glendale Heights, IL.

Price per foot is as follows:

  • 662 @ $2.35 per foot

  • 667H @ $2.64 per foot

  • 667X @ $3.97 per foot

  • 667XH @ $5.65 per foot

  • 667K @ $5.06 per foot

  • 88K @ $4.58 per foot

  • 88C (88XH) @ $6.18 per foot

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