John Zimmermann, Principal Managing Director & Sales

ZMI Corporation (now ZMI, LLC) was founded in 1976 by W. G. Zimmermann to represent manufacturers in the fields of Bulk Materials Handling and Power Transmission after a lengthy tenure with the likes of the Falk Corporation, Continental Conveyor and several other industry related business ventures.

In 1987, John Zimmermann joined ZMI, llc to open the Kansas City office. John eventually founded his own company, ZMI of Kansas in 1990. After some time and valuable experience, John started Z-Metrix Imagineering and decided to focus on a few strong core lines that would complement one another and provide our team with the products and support to meet the demands of American industry.

ZMI is based in Mission, Kansas and operates satellite offices in Omaha, Nebraska and Garfield, Arkansas. John is a seasoned veteran with over 30 years experience in his field and is proud of the ZMI sales staff, offering superior customer service and unparalleled product knowledge across all product lines and services.

ZMI is dedicated to “Helping Industry Move Forward” by offering high quality products and services from the world's leading manufacturers and service providers.

Our mission is to facilitate the flow of information, products and services that help our customers run their operation more cost effectively and efficiently. We are constantly searching for new ways to support our customers and strive to keep ahead of the challenges we all face in today’s global business environment.

JT Taube, Sales 


JT Taube has been a part of the sales and design industry for over 20 years. Beginning with an education from Johnson County Community College, he went onto spend the 1990's and early 2000's honing his design, construction and practical application skills to creating sets, lighting designs and functional props for many of Kansas City’s regional stages as well as several national stages. In 2002, JT started a new direction by joining the team at XS Lighting where he became even more involved with sales and developing customer relations to fulfill growing business needs and requirements.


In 2005, JT accepted a position with Allied Theatre Crafts. During his tenure there he worked side-by-side with architects, designers, construction managers, construction companies, manufacturers and end user clients as well. He brought a strong mechanical background, eye for design and understanding the clients needs to this position.


JT joined the sales team at ZMI in 2015, offering the unique opportunity to use his mechanical background and the desire to serve his clients needs. Keeping with our mission in “Helping Industry Move Forward”, JT strives to offer each client his personal assistance; effectively and efficiently connecting them with the proper products and services to help seamlessly integrate their business and products into today’s ever changing global business economy. Let’s move forward together!

Dede Zimmermann - Account Specialist


After some college courses at UNO and Creighton University, Dede Zimmermann made her move into the corporate world and began her career in the health insurance industry, starting out as a clerk with a large national health insurance company and soon worked her way into a medical claim payment and reviews specialist position.

In 1991, Dede moved to another large health insurance company where she landed a customer service position, assisting claims personnel and customers with dental, medical and vision claims.

It was then that Dede learned her ability to get along with even the most difficult customers. It didn’t take long before upper management realized Dede's strengths in dealing with all types of personalities and moved her into an account management position for their large national insured groups.

Dede was traveling all over the country to manage these customers and their employees in assisting with implementation, plan set up, enrollment, case management and claim resolution.

After 13 years, Dede gravitated into marketing and sales where she began prospecting and selling insurance services to healthcare claim payers. Dede was then recruited into the life and disability insurance field as a National Account Manager, managing employer groups.

In 2015, Dede decided to shift gears and join the sales team at ZMI, llc working out of the Omaha, Nebraska office. Dede was anxious to learn all about the companies and products she’d heard so much about growing up as the daughter and sister of two very successful manufacturer’s reps in the power transmission/bulk material handling industries. Dede’s goal is to work with all of ZMI’s valued customers, and helping them find the services and products they need.

Maddie Radcliff-Reilly - Office and Administration


In 2014, after several successful years in the service industry, Maddie Radcliff-Reilly joined the touring staff of an up-and-coming national dance competition as their Associate Director. After her first six months with the company, she was quickly promoted to Office Manager & Assistant Director.

In 2016, Maddie overhauled the office filing, data, and record-keeping systems and was able to update over seven years of paper files to a digital storage system still in use today. In her seven years with the company, she updated and streamlined nearly every aspect of the office from company handbooks and positional manuals to the data collection, invoicing, marketing, customer relations, and onboarding processes.


Maddie’s ability to meet customers with sincerity, speed of service, and a gift for active listening brought the company from an average industry rating to one of the top-rated dance competitions in the nation. It was often praised publicly for the customer experience, attention to detail, and organization of information. Her practices, policies, and templates are still in use and have been replicated throughout the industry.

In her seven years in the dance competition industry, Maddie taught herself to be highly proficient in data entry, data organization, invoicing, company routing, technical and professional writing, and human resources. She found a genuine love for creating organized spaces and standardized business practices - a skill she then brought to small businesses and start-ups as a freelance organization and operations consultant.


Maddie is thrilled to join ZMI, LLC working out of Omaha, Nebraska. She is excited to learn about the needs of her fellow employees and their customers and how she can bring all she’s learned to the team. While the field is quite different, her desire to provide excellence is the same. The Power Transmission/Bulk Material Handling Industry has been a part of her family history for decades, and joining that history is something in which she takes immense pride.